The Effect Of The Mobile Learning Method On The Teaching Of Milankovitch Cycles

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The aim of this study is to determine the effect of the subject of Milankovitch cycles which is addressed based on the mobile learning method on the success of students and the retentionof their knowledge. The model with the pretest-posttest control group which is included within the experimental design pattern was used in the study. The sampling of the research consists of 60 people studying at the Kars Science High School. In sample selection, whether the students possessed mobile phones, tablet computers connected to the internet, an e-mail address and basic skills in web-based applications was taken into consideration. Therefore, criterion sampling was utilized. Milankovitch Cycles Achievement Test (MCAT) developed by the researcher and was used as the data collection tool. According to research results, the subject of Milankovitch cycles has been understood better by the students through the activities which were prepared based on the mobile learning method and students’  success has increased.


Anahtar kelimeler

Environmental education; Extinction of living; Milankovitch cycles; Mobile learning

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